I'm a Software Engineer currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah. You can find some of my recent projects and a bit about me on this page. I'm always looking for new opportunities so feel free to get in touch.

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EggWalk is a 3D level based runner game for the PC. The player must run through a city delivering eggs to checkpoints while balancing the fragile egg and avoiding obstacles. Developed in the Unity game engine with a large team. Distributed through and selected to be published by Steam Greenlight

Egg Walk!

Lights Out

Designed and developed a game playable on iOS devices with touch screen controls. Presented the original game idea to peers who chose to form a team for development. Features a top down procedurally generated maze the player must run through while collecting light.

Lights Out!


Developed a touch screen game for Android devices and published to the Google Play store. The game is based on building a homeless shelter and managing resources to help supply the visitors with food, healthcare, or clean clothes. Used 2D isometric sprites for tile based gameplay, allowing placement of resources and upgrades.